Studio Session Tips 

Prepping for a session can seem like a lot of work, but I try to make it as simple as possible. I don't ask you do to anything special before you come in, I just want you to carry out your routine as usual.  

I schedule sessions between the age of 5 and 14 days old. 

A studio session is approximately 2 to 4 hours as it is completely led by your baby. You and baby will not be rushed and we leave plenty of time for any feeding breaks when needed. 

3 to 4 prop and blanket changes and I provide everything you will need for the session, wraps, blankets, baskets, etc. 

The room will be heated to a warm temperature of 80 degrees to ensure that your newborn is comfortable. 

If we will be photographing a sibling, my number one rule is "let kids, be kids." I want to capture your family exactly as is, and that includes all the craziness and laughter. So let your little ones know that this should be fun and exciting. I will never force a child to do something they he or she does not want to do, but I also have many tricks up my sleeve. (Please discuss siblings prior to photoshoot)

My number one priority is baby's safety. Your little bundle will always be treated with the highest level of care. I do not use props or poses that will put your newborn at risk of harm. 

Things to Remember to Bring:

Extra diapers and wipes.
Pacifier (if needed)
Anything needed for feedings such as bottles, formula, nursing cover, nursing pillow, etc. 
Change of clothes for Mom and Dad (accidents always happen and its nice to have a back up)
Snacks and Drinks for you and other family members. 

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