Newborn Experience Guide

Bringing a child into this world is one of the greatest joys and should be celebrated. Your child is a priceless gift and you will want to always remember those tiny toes, sleepy eyes and squishy cheeks because those moments pass too quickly. I want to help you capture and cherish those moments so they last a lifetime. 

 I specialize in pure and natural newborn portraiture and I take a lot of pride in my newborn photography work. I have spent a lot of time in training and education in order to provide you with the best. I am passionate about creating timeless photograph that you will treasure forever.



Before the session:

Your session is officially booked on my calendar when I have received both the contract and payment.  I will prepare my in-home studio for your family. It is filled with bright, clean fabrics and all natural light. 
The most frequently asked question is
"What do I wear?" 
I highly suggest wearing something comfortable and light in color such as creams, light gray, light tan, etc. 
For your toddler, I would dress him in similar light colors, and I would suggest having their shirt be a rather tight shirt so that it will not distract from your newborn and from their faces. 
Your newborn will not need much. I provide the wraps and little accessories for him or her to wear during the shoot. I ask that he comes dressed in a loose fitting outfit that does not need to go over his or her head. 


During The Session

Newborn sessions are approximately 2-4 hours long and I completely take over, letting you have a break, sit back and watch and relax.  If you have siblings who are going to be part of the session, we will take those photos first. And when we are finished, your children are more than welcome to stay however, most choose to send them home with dad and/or grandparents (please discuss siblings prior to photoshoot). Come prepared to feed your baby as often as needed. It does help to keep baby awake a little more than normal, so that when they arrive they are nice and sleepy. I schedule plenty of time during the session for any necessary feeding or diaper change breaks.

After The Session:

The anticipation of seeing your photos can be great, so I will quickly get to work on your images. I will always try to post a little sneak peek on my Instagram, so make sure you are following me. I will select the absolute best images and I will edit your photos with a beautiful, bright and clean aesthetic. It will take about 2 weeks for you to receive your images. I will create a personal online gallery for you to view your images. From the gallery you will be able to download your photos directly to your computer. I encourage you to save your images on a disc, usb, or hard drive, because I am only capable of storing photos for a limited amount of time. When you download your images you will also receive your print release. If you are interested in ordering prints, and other products, you may do so through your gallery or by contacting me. More info about the products I offer are below. 


Session Types

I offer two types of newborn sessions- Lifestyle and Studio. Some people are more comfortable going to a studio for a photo shoot, while others prefer the photographer to come to their home. Whether it is your home or my studio, I am sure to create beautiful images in either of these settings. 

Please read the detailed info on both sessions to decide which one is the right choice for you and your baby. 


The Lifestyle Session

Lifestyle sessions are conducted in the comfort of the clients own home. The focus during the shoot is primarily set on the interaction between the new baby and his/her family and natural surroundings. 

It is about one to two hours of shooting at your home.
Siblings & Parents are always included. My main goal is to capture more than just smiles, I try to capture real emotion. 


The Studio Session

Studio sessions take place in my home studio. I provide an array of props, blankets, baskets, wraps. I have everything you need to make your session as comfortable as possible.  Studio sessions can take up to 4 hours as it is completely led by baby. You and your baby will not be rushed and we will take lots of breaks for feedings, changes and to soothe your baby whenever neccessary.  
It is important to remember that where we will be shooting will be properly warmed to keep baby
comfortable, (80 degrees or more), so please dress accordingly, as it may get warm. My number one priority is saftey! Your little bundle will always be treated with the highest level of care and I do not use props or poses that put your baby at risk of harm. 




It is never to early to book your newborn session, please feel free to contact and me and we will schedule a tentative date for your session.  If baby comes early or late, we will adjust the session accordingly. 

Newborn sessions are scheduled when baby is 5 to 14 days days old. Please have someone text me or email me when baby arrives so we can confirm appointment time. 

p: 360.850.8673
e: hello@leslieleavittphotography.com



When you purchase a Newborn Session, you are not just buying another photo shoot. You are creating lasting memories and I hope to make this the best and the most all-inclusive experience for you. 

What Is Included: 
The session time. Time will vary based on type of session you choose. 
The use of my props, blankets, accessories, wraps, etc.
Parents and/or siblings are always welcomed to be apart of the session.
An online password protected gallery to instantly download digital images and share with friends and family. 
A print release delivered via email.
An online product and print store, where you will be able to easily order your custom items. More info on products I offer can be found below. 

For all the information and details about newborn pricing, please visit our pricing page here. 

Specialty Products


Hardcover Books are printed on your choice of two archival fine art press papers, then hand bound into a beautiful fabric cover. 


  • Square sizes: 10x10, 12x12

  • Vertical sizes: 9x12, 11x14

  • Fine art paper options

  • 20 spread minimum / 100 spread maximum

  • Cover options include Japanese Fabrics and Coastal Linens.

  • Optional cover debossing for personalization.

Starting at $270.00

Keepsake Image Boxes

This box comes in two sizes, 4x6 and 5x7 with 20 of your favorite images from your session. 


  • All photos are printed on professional archive paper providing a crisper, and sharper image.

Starting at $100.00

 Accordion Albums

These mini albums make the perfect gift for family. Completely custom, and comes in a set of three.  


  • 12 panels; designed as either pano spreads or individual panels

  • Choice of either concealed magnet closure or black ribbon closure.

  • Square size: 3x3

Starting at $50.00

I also offer Canvases, prints, and other amazing products. Please contact me to order your special and personalized items.